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Everybody has thoughts and sometimes you may get stuck in them, going back and forth and not being able to resolve an issue, when you are thinking you may find you feel in a particular way; sad, low, anxious, angry, regret, shame, guilt. You may also find that you have physical sensations; tiredness, hot, sweaty, cold, clammy, your breathing may have increased along with your heart rate, you may have butterflies sensation in your tummy or heaviness in your chest.

You may then find your behaviour will have changed, you are sleeping more, avoiding tasks, social situations, family and friends, you may be crying more, hurting yourself, working more than normal. The examples given are not exhaustive and you may experience something not listed but you may well be able to recognise your brand of experiences.


What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), is a talking therapy that helps you to understand how your thoughts and feelings impact on your bodily sensations and how you behave.

How Does CBT Work?

The therapist and you work together to identify the issue and develop tasks that you try out in your life, and as a scientist, your therapist observes and analyses the outcome.

Why CBT?

There has been a huge amount of research that has shown how effective CBT is with a variety of conditions. Follow the link to find out more information about how CBT can help.


As well as CBT, I infuse my work with other modes of therapy; Acceptance & Commitment, Mindfulness and Compassion focused therapy.


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