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Too nervous for the dentist part 2

Too nervous for the dentist part 2 Understanding fear: Fear is a natural response to situations that you find threatening (too nervous for the dentist), after the event you go into a reflective space where you replay the scenario and edit the images, devise commentary on what you should’ve, could’ve done, judge yourself, you will

Too nervous for the Dentist?

Too nervous for the dentist?            Being too nervous for the dentist can be described as; Dental phobia which is the fear of dentistry and receiving dental care. It affects people differently. Phobia is a form of anxiety, and varies from person to person, in its intensity. There are also many

7 Facts about Anxiety

Medication for anxiety – do they work?

    Medication for anxiety – do they work?  Everyone worries (Anxiety) from time to time, and this is a normal human response to certain situations. It can help you to perform better. However, when your worrying becomes more pronounced and it stops you from functioning in your daily life then that is when you are

Anxiety Symptoms

How to Identify Anxiety Symptoms

What is anxiety? Anxiety is a normal human emotion that you experience when you are uncertain about a situation. It is helpful when you need to perform, as it encourages you to do your best, or indeed when you are faced with danger it enables you to do what is necessary: flight, fight or freeze.


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