How Does CBT Work?

The therapist and you work together to identify the issue and develop tasks that you try out in your life, and as a scientist, your therapist observes and analyses the outcome. This enables you to find what works best for you, and achieve your goals more readily.

When you begin CBT your therapist will ask you to complete self-reporting forms that assess a range of symptoms and issues. This is done to gather enough information so that you and your therapist can determine what kinds of issues you do or do not have, and the extent of them. Together you will then develop a plan for therapy.

Through the process of therapy you will gain a new set of skills that, if practiced regularly, will be with you for life. Your therapist is essentially your psychological coach/ trainer, supporting your change through giving you new information, support, guidance and self-help exercises. Thus you essentially become your own therapist reducing your need to be continuously in therapy. If new issues surface however and you feel a new set of skills is required then you will be able to return to therapy.

The process is collaborative to aid your recovery. Your willingness to practice your newly acquired knowledge and skill in your real life will establish what works for you.

Prior to the end of therapy you will develop a relapse prevention plan, this is your blueprint for continued success post therapy. It includes recognising when and if things are slipping back, and what you can do to get back on track; this is based on a review of your learning during the therapy process.


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